Changes from Sunday 25th July

In line with government advice, some changes are now possible to morning worship from as early as next Sunday:

  • There will longer be any requirement to book seats in advance
  • Congregational singing can return as part of worship;
  • Face coverings will become optional.

Changes from Sunday 1st August

As we move into August and until further notice we will be making several more changes to the pattern of Sunday morning worship we have experienced over the last year:

We will revert to just one morning service to bring the congregation back together again;

  • This service will begin at 10.30 am;
  • With people tending to take holidays or visit family during August, we are not expecting attendances of more than 50, but the church will be set out with up to 90 seats;
  • A sense of space will be preserved by maintaining the 2 metre-wide central aisle, having another gangway in each row of seats and leaving 1 1⁄2 metres between each row;
  • Those who wish to preserve extra space around them may collect a notice on arrival asking for the seat next to them to be kept free.

Safety Precautions

We will continue to:

  • Request that you use hand sanitiser on arrival;
  • Open windows and doors to encourage good
  • ventilation;
  • Ask you to take care when using the narrow
  • corridor leading to the toilets;
  • Advise that socialising in large groups is best done in the car park, as at present.

Regular Review

These arrangements are being introduced for August on a trial basis. If you have reservations about any aspects of them or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Church Council. Our next Council Meeting will be on 23rd August and we will wish to undertake a formal review of how things are organised well ahead of the next Church Meeting, which takes place on 20th October. Your comments would be very welcome.