For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them
Matthew 18:20



Welcome to Christchurch Abbeydale

We offer a warm welcome to all.  Christchurch is an ecumenical church which embraces four Christian denominations, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Church, worshipping together as one congregation.  Whether you already belong to one of these denominations or not you are most welcome. 

We welcome children of all ages. A crèche is available for pre-school children. There is Junior Church for children aged 5 to 11 and ‘The Core’ for children aged 11 years +. Children stay with us for the first part of the service and then go with the youth leader to take part in planned activities 

“In the beginning, God….”.

It is sometimes important, (especially because, as I write this, twenty

days of a new year have already passed), to reflect on those four short

words that start Genesis. “In the beginning, God…”, surely something to

take to heart as we look forward to an exciting new period in the life of

our church. Last year we said “goodbye” to our dear friend and brother,

Steve, as he retired from being our minister. He has had to make a new

beginning to his life with Alison in Leighton Buzzard, and I have been

delighted to hear that he has started doing new things there. I know we

all wish God’s blessing for them both in the future. His departure has

created the opportunity for us, in 2019, to begin a new chapter in our

journey with God as we seek His guidance in calling a new minister to serve

us here at Christchurch. It has been so encouraging to see the way we

have all pulled together during this Interregnum, and I know that God has

been at work bringing us closer together, in spite of our own human frailty

and inclinations. It has been so good to welcome in eight new members at

our January Church Meeting and I pray that all of our new folk will feel at

home, being both loved and cared for as they share in Christ’s ministry to

our church and wider communities.

So, “In the beginning, God…” has been active already in creating this

new opportunity for us all to learn to love and serve each other more. As

Jesus says in John 13 v 35 “By this everyone will know that you are my

disciples, if you love one another." Our challenge is to love one another,

warts and all, and work together to deliver God’s plan for us all in 2019 and

beyond. If we look around at the state of our world, our prayer for this

new year, must be “come Lord Jesus, come” because this world is so in

need of His return, and as we see the signs, we can anticipate that He will

come again, although neither we, nor indeed the angels, know the hour.

By the time you read this, we will have already have heard from the

candidate for ministry as he “preached with a view”, and we will be praying

for him and his wife as we and they contemplate a call to Gloucester, to

minister both here and in the Forest churches. Whatever the outcome,

we can take comfort that our God is in charge of this process and that

this new beginning will be a positive one for us. Pray for us all as we

seek to discern God’s will.

As Church Secretary, I know very well just how much goes on behind

the scenes to make Christchurch what it is today. It is my prayer for

you all that you will feel free to contribute your skills and gifts

wherever you can in this new year. Thanks to everyone for your help in

responding to that verse from John mentioned above and for showing

Christ’s love to one another however imperfectly we do it. You are all,

in my humble opinion, stars! So, as I close, I return to my opening

extract, from Genesis and expand it to five words, “In the beginning,

God created….”.

I pray for us all that as we start this new year, we will all sense

God’s creative power at work as we go forward. May we each be a

blessing to the other, and to those around us. And let’s look forward

with excitement at what God is going to do.

May God be with each one of us, now and forever.

Every blessing

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