For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them
Matthew 18:20


Church Holidays

A Tribute from the Holiday Party to our Guides - Judy & Mike Potts
By David Jacques.

From Christchurch northbound go a lot
Until from M6 sea do spot
As Morecombe Bay came into view
At seaside soon we all quite knew
The Lakeside we view just beyond
So all of Monday soon be gone
Now onto the A590
To arrive at hotel stop you know
On Tuesday morning we all wake up
For breakfast into which we tuck
Now off towards Windermere, we drive
To shelter at Hayes Ambleside
Next to Bowness in light rain
To follow bright brollies, all in a chain
So onto a boat called MV Tern
To sail to Lakeside train we learn
So off in boat on Windermere
The sun in a while, might soon appear
It’s up on deck for a photo shoot
Or stay below to view our route
We finally land at the Lakeside stop
And all aboard steam train do hop
We steam to Haverthwaite in wet
To be greeted by a prey bird set
On Wednesday morn at 10 o'clock
Two mini buses called Goats do stop
So many of us climb aboard
To travel to the peaks galore
It was a lovely sunny day
As we drove to mountains far away
First to stop at Hawkshead shops
A Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth spot
From here to Coniston Waters go
Meet friends at Bluebird Cafe you know
We journey on now onto the peaks
To see the Tarns and views to seek
Pass streams and through long valley drive
To viewpoint and a bridge surprise
The mountain tops so clear to see
With sheep of Cumbria running free
Next we come to Thursday morn
The given itinerary now redrawn
We're off so quick to Keswick town
To stalls in Main Street all around
So here a crowded street to find
Till Pencil Museum came in mind
Inside the largest pencil saw
But thought if used be hard to draw
Now onto Grasmere we did go
Pass rocks of Lion and Lamb to show
Or from the other side we see
A Piano with Man maybe
One here can see the Wordsworth Grave
Or visit too St Oswald's nave
A garden and some nice shops too
Dove cottage by the Waters view
Friday came so soon we say
So time now come to get on way
Should time have let you view this place
In hotel garden peacock did race
You may have walked the prom below
Across the railway bridge you know
Around the garden or woodland walk
To swings and a slide or tennis sought
A show or two you may have seen
Or played or read and had a dream
If all or some of these you’ve done
Here's hoping that most had some fun
So as back to Stafford stop we came
We journeyed homeward most in rain
Our thanks go out to driver Dave
And to Mike and Judy give our wave
We thank our guides for holidays
For many days and places stayed
We wish them both the very best
Hoping we've been real good guests

Mike and Judy

...have an excellent method of selecting hotels. Our Wonderful Organisers visit each hotel and spend a few nights there getting to know the staff and services. During this stay they then visit places of interest around about. All this information is then passed on to us - the ‘Carefree Travellers’ - we are told of the best ways to shops and cafes etc.


The Coach and the Drive

The driver is with us all week. After we have settled into our allotted seats Mike will introduce him. He will make sure we have fastened our seat belts. He will then tell us all about the coach, the tea & coffee service and most of all about the ‘Mileage Competition’. The Day Trips

These are very much to the same standards. Each one is pre-visited by our intrepid Judy - to snowdrops, bluebells, garden centres, carveries and other places of interest.

At this point Audrey and I would like, along with forty or fifty others, to express our most heartfelt thanks for the pleasure and memories that Mr and Mrs Potts have provided - whilst raising so much money for Christchurch funds.

Please tell us if you're interested in any of the holidays as it gives us some idea of how many to expect, whether we need more single or double rooms and planning the seating on tile coach. Airedale will be asking during the autumn how numbers are looking as other groups will be booking holidays and hotels like to have some idea of numbers too. Any rooms not reserved in our allocation should be available until a month before departure but we are frequently receiving requests to return any unreserved rooms, sometimes two or three months before departure. We try to ensure that all holiday information is included in the monthly news sheet so if you 're booking a holiday or thinking about coming make sure to get your copy.