I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep
John 10:11


Church Officers


Chairman / Minister













Howard Francis


Chris Pearce




During the period covered by this report, the following served on Church Council:

Steve Davies Minister (Chair) Howard Francis Treasurer Chris Pearce Church Secretary

Val Doll Jane Sims Audrey Staite Val Stephens Carol Terry Steve Tranter Yvonne Heggs

The following left the Church Council in September 2017:

Jane Sims Steve Tranter

Note: The post of Vice Chair is unfilled. Under the new Constitution, the Council Members are all Trustees of the Christchurch Abbeydale Charity.


This has been another significant and busy year for us as we seek to represent our Lord Jesus Christ in this place, and in particular as we contemplate the coming year where we will seek to call a new minister following on from the departure of Reverend Steve Davies at the end of July 2018.

In summary, as Church Secretary it is my privilege to commend the work of all in pursuing the objectives of Christchurch Abbeydale. Well done everyone!

Chris Pearce Church Secretary

Your Chronicle

Did you realise that production of the Chronicle involves a whole team of people?

Apart from the editor the following quietly work in the background:

Proof reading : 

Printing / duplicating : David & Kath Barber, Frank & Yvonne Heggs

In addition, we have regular and occasional contributors who we depend on for articles and updated information. Email and the Internet have helped considerably in the transfer of information.

Frank Heggs updating the Christchurch Website is another major player as we try to communicate Christchurch’s activities

This month we very much appreciate David Hoare’s contribution - he designed the front cover (as he usually does at least three times in the year)

We thank them for their time and dedication

The other people to mention are you, the readers - we would welcome any contributions you would like to make


The print run is now 150 Chronicles plus extras as required.

There is no charge for the Chronicle - but donations are welcome towards the cost. We don’t like to waste resources so we rely on people telling us (David Barber or Mike Wood) that more are required and more will be run off

Mike Wood