But seek you first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be given you
Matthew 6:33


Church Officers

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Revd. Steve Davies

Chairman / Minister













Howard Francis


Chris Pearce



The Church Council

During the year the Church Council has been:

Steve Davies       Minister and Chair (from October 2013)

Chris Pearce        Church Secretary

Howard Francis   Treasurer

Val Doll

Jane Sims

        Audrey Staite
Val Stephens

Carol Terry

Steve Tranter


Secretary's Report.

This has been another significant and busy year for us. We were delighted to welcome Steve and Alison Davies to Christchurch, with a moving and meaningful induction service on the 1st October, and we look forward to the ministry that Steve will bring. It is good that we have retained the cycle of the denominations, and as usually happens when change occurs, we take stock of why we are here and what we have achieved.

Aim and purpose

Christchurch Abbeydale Church Council (CC) has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, the Reverend Steve Davies in promoting in our geographical area (a Conventional District to use the Church of England term), the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

The CC is also specifically responsible for the maintenance of the Church building.

The remainder of this document contains reports on the work of the Church and groups associated with the Church during the last twelve months.

The ecumenical nature of the church, so foundational in its inception, is reflected in the contact with other churches as people worship elsewhere, as different ministers are welcomed to our church and our minister visits other places of worship.

Objectives and Activities

The CC is committed to enabling as many people as possible to worship at Christchurch and to become part of our faith community. The CC maintains an overview of worship and makes suggestions on how our services can involve groups connected with our church.

Our services and worship put faith into practice through prayer and scripture, music and sacrament. When planning our activities for the year, the incumbent and the CC try to enable ordinary people to live out their faith as part of our Church community through:

·         Worship and prayer; learning about the Gospel, developing their knowledge and trust in Jesus and supporting each other as part of the family of God.

·         Welcoming newcomers to the church whether they come for one week or longer.

·         Provision of pastoral care for people associated with the Church and/or living locally.

·         Developing connections into our local community particularly the local schools.

To facilitate this work it is important that we maintain the fabric of the church building, the associated rooms and the area outside the church.

Achievements and Performance

Worship and Prayer – the CC are keen to offer a range of services during the week and over the course of a year to be both beneficial and spiritually fulfilling for all. For example, the midweek communion service provides a smaller more intimate, weekly opportunity to share bread and wine; this service offers a quiet space and is valued by those who regularly attend. 

We continue to use worship material from various sources reflecting our ecumenical ethos.


At present we have 112 members and 55 adherents. Most people live locally to the Church. The membership and adherents lists are reviewed annually, with some being added and other removed.  The average weekly attendance during October was 100, but this does vary through the year, particularly at festival times.

Looking outwards

As well as our regular services, we enable our community to celebrate and thank God at various points in their own lives and we provide a sanctuary in which the end of life is recognised. There are regular baptism services throughout the year and funerals are held when needed. There was one wedding at Christchurch last year.

With love in Jesus,

Alison Apperley.


Your Chronicle

Did you realise that production of the Chronicle involves a whole team of people?

Apart from the editor the following quietly work in the background:

Proof reading : Alison Apperley

Printing / duplicating : David Barber

Collating : Jackie Heggs

In addition, we have regular and occasional contributors who we depend on for articles and updated information. Email and the Internet have helped considerably in the transfer of information.

Frank Heggs updating the Christchurch Website is another major player as we try to communicate Christchurch’s activities

This month we very much appreciate David Hoare’s contribution - he designed the front cover (as he usually does at least three times in the year)

We thank them for their time and dedication

The other people to mention are you, the readers - we would welcome any contributions you would like to make


The print run is now 150 Chronicles plus extras as required.

There is no charge for the Chronicle - but donations are welcome towards the cost. We don’t like to waste resources so we rely on people telling us (David Barber or Mike Wood) that more are required and more will be run off

Mike Wood