In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God
John 1:1


Church Officers.

IMG_1786R.jpg Chairman/Minister

Revd. Peter Clarkson

IMG_1417R.jpgVice Chairman: 
David Evans.

2015-08-23 11.50.22.jpgChurch Secretary:
Chris Pearce

Susan Hill

Audrey Staite

Safeguarding Officer:
Maureen Godden

2015-08-09 11.38.43R.jpgChildren and Young People:
Carol Terry

IMG_1430R.jpgEvangelism, Outreach and Prayer:
Val Stephens

Val Doll.

External Communications and Publicity

Wider Church Relationships:
Chris Draycott

IMG_1403R.jpgDavid Barber

IMG_1435R.jpgRevd. Norman Whitaker.

Church Council Report

The Church Council meets monthly and reviews the life of the church across all the areas of church life, and ensures that the Aims and Objectives are respected. 

Your Chronicle

Did you realise that production of the Chronicle involves a whole team of people?

We acknowledge the work, time and dedication of the following people who are responsible for the Chronicle magazine:

Editor: Mike Wood
Printing / duplicating: David & Kath Barber

In addition, we have regular and occasional contributors who we depend on for articles and updated information. Email and the Internet have helped considerably in the transfer of information.

Note that Malcolm Brader and Daniel Tuck are currently looking at upgrading the Christchurch Website.

The other people to mention are you, the readers - we would welcome any contributions you would like to make

The print run is now 150 Chronicles plus extras as required.

There is no charge for the Chronicle - but donations are welcome towards the cost. We don’t like to waste resources so we rely on people telling us (David Barber or Mike Wood) that more are required and more will be run off.