The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
Psalms 23


Community and Outreach 

Activities that are relevant are:

  • T @3
  • Boys Brigade and Girls Association
  • Open the Book
  • Coffee and Chat
  • Craft clubs
  • Holiday activities
  • Flower Festival
  • Church Fairs, special events (eg Songs from the Movies evening), etc.

As a Church our outreach to those around is so important.  We are to be:

1.      A proclamative people, pointing to Jesus with our words

2.      God's local presence- His hands and feet, pointing to Jesus through our actions

3.      A prophetic people standing against injustice

4.      A community of prayer as "without God we can do nothing".

Open The Book

Open the Book is a nationally co-ordinated scheme which aims to offer primary school children an opportunity to hear stories from the bible.  Each team presents a story within the context of collective worship.

The Open the Book Team continue to operate on behalf of Christchurch. We present the story of the Bible to approximately 520 children each month at Abbeymead and Heron Schools. All the children look forward to us coming and are really excited when we arrive. There have been a number of occasions when team members have had the opportunity to speak to children and parents outside of school about Open the Book when we have been recognised.

We have a good rapport with the schools and the teachers. There is nothing more rewarding than telling Gospel stories to children. This makes us all the more grateful that Christchurch has been able to offer this service to schools over the last ten years.

We are managing to maintain the numbers in the team, although Carol Terry is taking a break due to her current health problems, but we shall be pleased to see her back when she is well. We are always looking for more people to join us.

Sincere thanks go to the current team. Some weeks the story requires only a small team but other times we need up to twelve people. Whilst we do appreciate a regular team, it doesn’t have to be a regular commitment every month.
Yvonne Heggs

Experience Easter and Christmas

Once again, we welcomed 120 children from our local primary schools to Experience Christmas and Easter in our Church.

This is such a great team event I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteer story tellers who make such an effort to engage with the children and tell the true story of Christmas and Easter.

 Lots of drama and laughter as we dress up or not, wonderful props and great acting from some of the cast made this year’s Christmas event very special for everyone. Dramatic cloud bursts added to the atmosphere and who knows how many silent prayers were sent, but the rain stopped and the children were able to return to school in sunshine. How great is our God!

Please continue to pray for all the children who came to church at Christmas and at Easter.
Val Stephens


As you will see from the end of year Financial Report, it has been another successful year for bookings.

We have had regular bookings from the Gloucester Excelsior Brass band, Gloucester Fosters Support Group, the Gloucester Diabetics Group, Wheatridge Court, Spirituality Network and Listening Post.  The Diocese continues to use our premises for meetings as and when required.

This year we have welcomed two new groups, The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship who meet once a month and Abbey Tots who use the church every Thursday morning during term times.

In 2019 we will be welcoming a new group, the Third Franciscan Order, who will be holding three meetings a year, as well as some U3A meetings.

All the above bookings are worked around the regular activities of the church, such as Keep Fit, Craft Circle, Boys Brigade and Girls Association, Lunchtime Fellowship, T@3 and PCN, to name a few.

As Bookings Officer I will always try to accommodate outside organisations who are important in terms of reaching out to the community.  However, these outside bookings will not be at the expense of the many church activities.

All the outside groups using the church find it a welcoming and lovely place to meet.

In ending, may I thank all those who assist with unlocking and locking the church to enable these bookings to happen.
Peter Staite