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The No.1 Parable

The No.1 Parable Please read Matthew 13: 1-23 (18-23 twice) and then pray; Gracious God, open the eyes of my understanding to see your truth, and open my heart to

Finding Rest For Your Soul

Finding rest for your soul Please read Matthew 11: 1-30 (25-30 twice) and then pray; Almighty God, teach me how to know and enjoy the rest which Jesus promised, and

Mission Under the Care Of The Father

Mission Under the Care of the Father Please read Mathew 10: 1-16 and 40-42, and then pray; Almighty God, our loving Father, thank you that we live under the shadow

After 4 Years: Review & Renew

After 4 years: Review and Renew Please read Matthew 28: 16-20, and then pray: Lord, you have called us to follow you; strengthen me with your word of power and

Jesus Taken Up – The Holy Spirit Sent Down

Jesus taken up – The Holy Spirit sent down Please read Acts 1 v 1-14 and then pray; Almighty God, open my mind that I may understand the Scriptures and

Royalty Under Jesus

Royalty under Jesus – the King of kings Please read 1 Peter 2: 4-10 and John 14: 1-14 and then pray; Almighty God, King of the universe, open my eyes

Resurrection: Messengers on the GO

Resurrection: Messengers on the GO! Please read Matthew 28 and then pray; Almighty God, who raised your Son from death to life, lead us deeper into resurrection hope, joy and

Out of Jericho and into Jerusalem

Out of Jericho and into Jerusalem  Please read Matthew 20: 29 – 21:17 and then pray; Almighty God, as I come before your Word, grant me the ability to understand

Massah and Meribah

Massah and Meribah: Do not harden your hearts Please read Exodus 17: 1-7, then pray; Almighty God, you are my Rock and my Salvation. Guide my footsteps this Lent as