For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son
John 3:16



Welcome to Christchurch Abbeydale

We offer a warm welcome to all.  Christchurch is an ecumenical church which embraces four Christian denominations, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Church, worshipping together as one congregation.  Whether you already belong to one of these denominations or not you are most welcome. 

We welcome children of all ages. A crèche is available for pre-school children. There is Junior Church for children aged 5 to 11 and ‘The Core’ for children aged 11 years +. Children stay with us for the first part of the service and then go with the youth leader to take part in planned activities 


"Flaming June..."
...quoted one unnamed person on the morning of Monday 13 June as a group of people waited in the Church for the coach to arrive and transport them to Morecambe for the best part of a week. Outside the drizzle continued. I have often heard the phrase and equally often wondered where it came from. Almost always I have heard it used in ironic fashion.
A quick internet search will tell you that Flaming June is a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton, produced in 1895. Painted with oil paints on a 47-by-47-inch (1,200 mm × 1,200 mm) square canvas.
To quote another source: “Flaming June is also the name of a track produced by Brian Transeau, and is widely referred to as an example of progressive trance music.” If you know what that means your knowledge is broader than mine. In these internet days “flaming” has been used in the context of passionately sounding off, being polite is not on the agenda. A far step from the peaceful sleeping woman in Leighton’s painting.
It was good to welcome visitors representing different areas of our community to the church for the 10am service on Sunday 12 June. Morrison’s, Heron School, the GP surgery were represented and two of the local councillors were present. This is our opportunity to say
‘Thank you’ to those who serve the local community in many different ways: retail, politics, education, health, etc. It was also the weekend when there was a large party in the Mall. In the rain.
Hampers contained food, of course, a plastic poncho and sun cream. There was little need for the latter.
Yet the comments being passed were far from negative. This was an occasion to be celebrated. The same attitude showed itself in the folk going on the coach to Morecambe: they were going to enjoy their holiday.
“Flaming June” might not deliver dry warm long sunny days, welcome though those would be (for some at least – I know my wife, and others, are not fond of hot weather). It could still be a time to enjoy rest, recreation and rejoice in the good things around us.
As we move towards the end of July many people will be preparing to go on holiday. Schools will end their academic year; children will prepare to move on to a different class, a different school. Results from exams taken will be awaited. Teachers will breathe deeply and leave the term behind. (I know that is not the whole story.) Roads, ports and airports will become busier than usual. Beaches will welcome the seasonal influx of visitors looking to leave their normal lives behind and enjoy time away. Others will have decided that this is a good time to stay at home; others will have no choice.
Our attitudes can make all the difference. “Flaming June” it might not have been. (It is certainly not at the time of writing, not in the positive sense anyway.) People in the Mall, folk going to Morecambe were not going to let the damp conditions dampen their spirits.
Perhaps there is a thought in there worth living with.


Steve Crop.jpg

Steve Davies,

Minister of Christchurch Abbeydale


Welcome to all the family


Alison, Steve and daughter Sian


Relocation of an earlier Christchurch Cross & Foundation Stone

The Foundation Stone was originally in the outside wall by the main entrance to the Community Centre

The Cross was kept in the small church rooms at the Community Centre and brought out into the Badminton Hall when services were held

1988 Community Centre D.JPG1988 Community Centre M.JPG

During ‘Work Week’ the Foundation Stone was relaid in the wall of the

back rooms at Christchurch with the Cross above


Christchurch’s first real ‘home’ was the Community Centre and with recent alterations there the foundation stone was made available to us

1988 Community Centre F.JPG